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The Canadian National Trappers Alliance is Canada's only National Organization representing Canadian Trappers. Because of the great distance spanning Canada's East Coast to West Coast, it is often hard for Canadian Trappers to get together to discuss trapping, the fur trade, issues and concerns facing trappers, trap standards, exchange methods and tips, and just good old chat about trapping in general. The main purpose of this website is to allow trappers to do just that without ever having to leave their home.

The CNTA Executive and members hope you find this site informative, educational and enjoyable. Most of all, we hope it offers Canadian trappers the opportunity to keep up to date on new regulations, issues and news facing trappers today as well as allow trappers to express any concerns or ask any questions they may have. Canadian Trappers, this is your site, please feel free to make full use of it and please Support the CNTA by purchasing your membership.

*Note: Athough this site is designed for Canadian Trappers, Trappers throughout the U.S.A. and Worldwide are welcome!



 By  Carl  Gitscheff

Everyone has heard of them, some have used them in limited applications, but hardly anyone uses them to their full potential!

A true mark of a professional fur harvester is their equipment. This would include modifications for animal comfort AND of course to reduce fur damage.

Most who harvest Canines DO use swivels and these professionals realize the value in them as many canines would be lost if not for inline swivels in the trap chain and on base of traps.

A legendary Canine trapper once was asked how many swivels should one use?...His reply was this...."If you had a trap chain made of just swivels ,that would be perfect!"   He went on to say that in even a short section of chain the possibility of "binding" can occur and is simply bad business in Canine trapping.

SO...lets introduce our star LAW maker.....Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the Infamous, world renowned and seldom celebrated  MR. MURPHY  A.K.A. Murphy's Law!!!

This Law WILL apply EVERY  time you don’t want it to!

I think back over my trapping career and remember the Fisher that got into a marten set and broke the tie wire[no swivel]and I spent a day following it to catch up with it and dispatch and recover my trap.

I think of the Otter who came over a spillway on a beaver dam and slid over half way through a 330 Conibear and twisted off the tie wire [yes, again no swivel!, dam Murphy’s law!!]

I look back on snares twisted and fur damage as a result of no swivels AND Murphy’s law!!

And I could go on, but anyone who has seen a few seasons on the trapline knows full well what I am talking about.

And to those starting out in this fantastic outdoor pursuit ,we call "Trappin"  Please learn from us more seasoned individuals and move yourself forward in leaps and bounds!

Install swivels on ALL your traps!

All your snares PERIOD.

Don’t wait for Murphy’s Law to come into effect...just erase it!



Damaged fur due to no swivels......10% off fur cheque

lost time and productivity due to no swivels.....hundreds of dollars

damage to the fur Industry when one of your escaped animals is found by a non trapper due to no swivels....cant put a price on it, BUT it is HUGE!!

To be humble and honest with you I can say that in my 40 years trapping I have cost myself well over 1000.00 by not having swivels on ALL my equipment!

Anybody want to guess how many swivels can be bought for 1000.00 dollars????

I can tell you it is more than you or I will ever need in a lifetime to do all our traps.

So for a very small investment YOU can realize HUGE savings! Savings that may in fact preserve the Trapping Industry.


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